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In the history of Co-operative Banking Sector of Kerala The Kadirur Service Co-operative Bank holds a unique position stamping its own individuality in all aspects of banking service completing 57 years of glorious service, on marching on in all its splendor.

The bank began its journey in 1956 at Kadirur as a P.C.C Society to help the poor and the middle class society ravaged by famine and poverty slowly the P.C.C began functioning as a rural bank and 1962 it changed to its present status as The Kadirur Service Co-operative Bank. It wouldn’t be a mere exaggeration on our part to pronounce that the golden era of the Bank began in 1996 .

From 2 Branches with just 3 crores as deposits, and 2 crores in loan outstanding he along with the hard working staff has to able to turn it into a bank with 150 Crores Deposit, 135 Crores in loans and 152 Crore as working capital. And on top 9 more new branches have been opened in an around its jurisdiction. From just 450 members in 1956 we have at present 1,14,000 permanent members from all walks of life.

In the present competitive world, where all the Nationalize, International and New generation banks are introducing the most modern technology and facilities to woo the rich urban public, We are happy to say that The Kadirur Service Co-operative Bank has also done the same giving sector to implement centralized core banking facility linking all its 11 branches. We feel that this core banking facility has attraced more customers far and near than before and the business has doubled. Officials from other banks are also visiting the Bank to study the system.

It is one among the few banks in the Co-operative sector to introduce ATM Counters working 24 hours a day. It is also using mobile SMS Service to alert the customer’s balances and transaction details. It is planning to issue platinum ATM Cards shortly to all NRI’s and business customers enabling them to withdraw money from any other ATM Counters around the world.

All the branches are linked by security cameras to watch the smooth functioning of all the branches through internet from the headquarter itself. Arm security guards posted working 24 hours a day. During night vigilance we have made arrangements for our security persons at all branches to alert ten houses around the bank within seconds for any emergency assistance if needed, making our security arrangements full proof.

Since all the loans as sanctioned from our own funds we have not taken any loans from District Co-operative Bank till date. In sanctioning loans preference is given to the poor and needy, and loans are sanctioned immediately at the very receipt of the loan application. 5% discount on interest is given to those who pay the loan in time we have opened morning branches exclusively for women.

We are happy that all our hard work till date have been acknowledged by those who were watching and studying our progress keenly. We are proud for receiving ‘The Best performance award’ for co-operative banks of Kannur district by District co-operative Bank continuously since 2006. In 2010 we received ISO 9001-2008 certificate for the best services We won the ‘Best excellence ‘ from New York based Rajiv Gandhi Pease Foundation in 2009.

We are one of the 5 Banks from our states among 100 other banks from co-operative sector in India selected by the study team appointed by the Governor of Reserve Bank of India to study the functioning of Co-operative Banks all over India. A team of Officials including Asst. General Manager of Reserve Bank, Asst. General Manager of NABARD, Senior Manager of lead bank and Senior Manger of Central Bank have made an official visit our bank in this regard and have voiced and certified their utmost satisfaction

And to cap it all ‘ The State Government has selected our Bank as the Model Bank of Kerala in 2009-2010, Which in truth we never dreamt to achieve. We have sure we will do everything in our capacity to maintain the position till we exist by giving the best to all our customers where ever we are. In this regard we have selected a team from our staff to study and find out the facilities and technologies introduced to the customers of all national and international bank andto implement the same if anything we overlooked.

We have a work force 70 sincere and hardworking staff . All of them are given special training for personal development, IT skills and yoga to meet the tuff scheduled even though the working hours of 8 hours is the same as before but the surging crowd. We are happy for having a cheerful sincere and hardworking staff doing everything in their capacity to make our flag high above the horizon. All our branches work from 7.30 AM to 8.30 PM but our head Quarters 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM..


  • Fixed Deposits

    15 – 45 Days:  6%

    46 – 90 Days:  7%

    91 -179 Days: 7.50%

    180 -364 Days: 8.00%

    1 – 2 years: 8.50%

    2 years and above: 8.25%